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IFSEC 2017 London Exhibition
[Time:2017/7/5 15:58:00 Views: 4368]

June 20-22, IFSEC 2017 Exhibition was held in London. IFSEC was founded in 1973, attracting exhibitors and visitors from hundreds of countries and regions each year, as one of the world's largest annual security shows, the IFSEC Show fully displays the security related products, services and solutions, and shows the security industry innovation and development, and the market trends.

We, Bluecard Technologies Corp. (NEEQ: 834515) were in the show for the 13 consecutive years since 2005. AI unattended Parking Management System, Beacon navigation HD Camera-based Parking Guidance System, and the most advanced RFID Guard Tour System, were presented in the show. Bluecard has a global business covering China, United States, Europe, and other regions, during the exhibition, our AI unattended Parking System and Camera-based Parking Guidance System have drawn great attention from the exhibitors and customers. They showed great interests in our new products. This marks IFSEC 2017 is another successful show for us.