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2013 CPSE in Shenzhen
[Time:2014/1/3 14:58:00 Views: 3472]

 The 14th China Public Security Expo- CPSE was successfully ended on Nov 1, 2013. There were 1500 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions around the world, with exhibition area of 120000 square meters. Meanwhile, over 350000 professionals from 156 countries and regions came to visit. The number of foreign buyers and visitors was the first time more than 15000, which created history record of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition scale and attendance.

Bluecard was in Hall No.3 with largest booth of 20 and area of 180 square meters. During CPSE, we displayed our latest products, such as LPR Parking Management SystemHigh Speed Barrier and LPR Parking Guidance System, which attracted many visitors. 
Bluecard LPR parking management system adopts HD snapshot, plate auto-focus & auto-exposure, plate distortion adjustment, neural network and feature recognition techniques. The recognition accuracy of Arabic numbers and English letters is up to 99.2%, reaching the industry highest level. It overcomes bad environmental adaptability and low actual recognition rate of traditional LPR technique, to make LPR from theory to practice. The system can achieve non-stop access for registered cars and non-stop entry for visitor cars, not only facilitating users, but also greatly simplifying the parking system. Bluecard LPR parking system represents the parking industry trend.
Bluecard exhibition makes vast number of colleagues and industry customers really realize the LPR era has come, and lets people see the dawning of "no cards" in parking. We are willing to base on LPR technology to contribute for accelerating the industry development, promoting the construction of intelligent parking lot and reduce congestion.